Challenge: Centralize all user interface controls to handle data flow across the platform.

Our development team added a pop-up log-in component, replacing the dedicated log-in page. This will allow users to log in to their Third Act account from anywhere on-site, and remove the need to have users navigate away from their current page in order to log in. 

Log-in and sign-up steps have been streamlined. The site now checks if a user has an account. If they do, they are prompted with a log-in form. If not, they are prompted with a sign-up form. 

From a user perspective, the above changes will make sign-up easier. A smooth and intuitive sign-up, wherein the user does not need to navigate away from their current page, nor has to click around to find where to sign-up, will allow new users an accessible entry point into what is, overall, an accessible NFT marketplace.

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