Ishita Banerjee, known online as @soulcurryart, is an artist and avid NFT collector. Her art can be described as “Mad Men modern.” It is contemporary, whimsical, and explores human relationships. Earth, and nature. 

Third Act: How did you first learn about NFTs?

@soulcurryart: I heard about it in late 2020 and the learning has not stopped.

TA: What was the process like of going from first hearing/learning about NFTs to jumping in and starting your collection? Were there any trepidations you had? 

SCA: As someone coming in from the contemporary art space, I had to really learn about what NFTs are and why people would see them as an asset class. I had to unlearn a lot of things.

TA: Do you have any advice for someone looking to start their own collection?

SCA: Take the time to learn about what makes your NFTs unique. Always think of what you can bring to the space rather than what the space can give back to you.

TA: What do you think the space will be like 5 years from now? 

SCA: I have confidence in web3, in technology, and innovation blending with art to make it an experience.

TA: What would you like to see more of in the NFT space? This could be anything from a wishlist of specific collections based on a film or television property, or simply just a direction you’d like to see fans and industry leaders heading in or thinking about. 

SCA: I want to see NFTs being applied in everyday life, but especially in education, in creating content and creating metaverses that are as the imagination.

We know that in this industry, things are always changing, and there’s always something going on. Is there anyone you follow for up-to-date information?

I host regular Twitter spaces, learn and grow with the community. I listen more than I talk and love the conversations that Aaron Haber hosts in the daily NFT shows.

Which piece of yours do you think is undervalued?

I think my 1/1 NFTs are still undervalued.

If you could put any of your pieces in a museum, which one would you choose?

I would choose my genesis piece Shiva.

Do you ever have trouble explaining to people what it is you do? How do you go about talking to people who know nothing about NFTs?

I break it down into easy-to-understand terms. I think of it as an opportunity to apply my learnings and also onboard new people. I host regular Twitter spaces, have topic-based discussions, and showcase the people who are doing things to make their own mark. I believe in learning together.

Along those lines, do you find that most people outside of the community who you end up talking about NFTs are receptive?

A lot of artists are hearing about NFTs and are beginning to see the advantages of them. I get many DM’s asking me about NFTs from people asking about it from outside the NFT community.

What other creators and collectors do you have your eye on?

I’m a big fan of Parin, Pat Dimitri, and Jimena.

Anything else you want to share?

To make a difference in the NFT space, I hope to be a leading voice not just in art, but in inclusion, in diversity, and empowerment of artists everywhere.

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