Welcome to Third Act’s Collectors Spotlight where we feature collectors from around the NFT industry. @Pillow_Prophet is an artist and avid NFT collector. He is an active member of the NFT community who creates his own NFTs and art. Many of his pieces are heavily influenced by the 1913 Suprematism movement.

Third Act: How did you first learn about NFTs?

@Pillow_Prophet:  Through Peter Uliano cofounder of GoMint.

TA: What was the process like of going from first hearing/learning about NFTs to jumping in and starting your collection? Did you have any trepidations?

PP: I first heard about NFTs around April or May of last year, I found the whole idea fascinating. I was into trading crypto but staring at art is way more enjoyable than staring at charts. It was a learning curve, Peter helped me set up a wallet and walked me through the whole process on a call. So I guess I had it easy, but once you mint/purchase on Hedera during the early days, it makes other chains seem like a cakewalk to operate on. 

Hedera has come a long way since then. GoMint was my first platform. Peter is a good friend and I wanted to show my support by collecting there first. After that, though I moved onto TEZOS and collected over 200 pieces off HEN. I’ve also minted my first pieces of art around May of last year. I have Art on Foundation, HEN, Hashaxis and recently have been accepted into the folds of KnownOrigin. My art is heavily influenced by the 1913 Suprematism movement.

TA: Do you have any advice for someone looking to start their own collection?

PP: Best advice I can give is, patience and consistency.

TA: What do you think the space will be like 5 years from now?

PP: I think we will see a heavy shift to art galleries like the ones we are already seeing starting to pop up. But on a more massive scale. I do t see the traditional art scene going anywhere. If anything I think we will see a boost to physical art.

TA: What would you like to see more of in the NFT space? This could be anything from a wish list of specific collections based on a film or television property, or simply just a direction you’d like to see fans and industry leaders heading in or thinking about.

PP: I’d love to see some more ingenuity, less low-effort art. Stuff like things hastily made on an app for obvious cash grabs. I think it will take a couple years before the riff-raff gets separated. We really had a golden age, I think, in the very beginning, lots of blue-chip art, many 1/1 artists, don’t get me wrong, they are still around but buried now under so much noise.

TA: We know that in this industry, things are always changing, and there’s always something going on. Is there anyone you follow for up-to-date information?

PP: You really have to rely on yourself. Take info from everywhere and make educated informed decisions. NEVER just get your info from one place or an influencer. Influencers only have their interests at heart, not yours.

TA: Which piece of yours do you think is undervalued?

PP: “I can’t find it”

TA: If you could put any of your pieces in a museum, which one would you choose?

PP: I’d choose 2 of my pieces actually. One was an experimental phase and it’s the only realism style I’ve produced it’s called “ N’est plus seul” the other one is “I can’t find it” which is one of my stronger works I feel.

TA: Do you ever have trouble explaining to people what it is you do? How do you go about talking to people who know nothing about NFTs?

PP: Yes it’s not impossible to explain but it feels like it is, many people are of that right-click save mentality. I just try to explain to them ownership, once they wrap their heads around that the rest is easier to understand.

TA: Along those lines, do you find that most people outside of the community who you end up talking about NFTs are receptive?

PP: No, if we are being honest. There is a huge misinformation campaign out there against NFTs. There is almost no in between, it’s almost like for the people that don’t like NFTs they pretty much think we are burning down the planet, it’s a very hostile group. I’ve been in touch with many artists that are afraid to even step into NFTs for fear of backlash from their fans.

TA: What other creators, and collectors do you have your eye on?

PP: Asong, Laurence Fuller, and Tania Rivilis these three artists are sublime.

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